Vintage Concert Audio at Prolight 2023

Finally we managed to get a tour in english language through the famous Vintage Concert Audio Exhibition at Prolight + Sound 2023. Our guide was Wolfgang „Schabbach“ Neumann.

They’ve been at all the places where live audio history was made – both the exhibitors and the exhibits. The team of the Vintage Concert Audio e.V. is absolutely passionate in telling the history of professional live audio from the sixties to the nineties: Besides Schabbach it’s mainly Jürgen Desch, Marcus Pohl and Thomas „FLO“ Spanier. And not only it „burns a lot of private money“, as Schabbach nails it down during the tour. During the tear down of the 2023 exhibition one of them had to go to hospital with a muscle tear.

But the result is simply breathtaking, not only for those who are old enough to have worked with the exhibited equipment. Can you imagine roundabout 1.500 people being adressed by a PA system not much bigger than a guitar fullstack? And according to Schabbach it sounded not bad!

Accompany him on a journey through four decades of history:


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