Mixing classical music live with Carsten Kümmel # Video 4: Musical, Film Music, Crossover

Mixing classical music live with Carsten Kümmel # Video 4: Mixing Musicals, Film music & crossover productions

Carsten Kümmel is a specialist for live sound in classical music with a breathtaking list of references: He’s touring with live productions like Disney in concert or The World Of Hans Zimmer and is a neverending well of hints and tricks when it comes to produce the finest possible live sound for a classical orchestra – be it a symphonic orchestra, an opera, film music or crossover.

In this series of videos he allows a deep insight into his work, from the microphones to setting up the console and working with conductors and orchestras. Some tips are as simple as standing up an applauding when the orchestra enters the stage to make sure the audience will start applauding too – a way better start for a concert than if they’d remain silent. But Carsten Kümmel also offers a share of his highly developed skills concerning work with a high end audio console like the Stage Tec Aurus.

This series of videos is presented by Stage Tec, Neumann and Sennheiser.


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